One of my important task is my building strategies and the spacing and installation construction. I have been having conflicting issues with where the niche is located. After, I have decided where my installation to be located, It has also resolved the tactile part of my project. I wanted to use projection, during this time I have to consider two specific location. One at a secure art exhibit location and another one public.

Thus leading to the conclusion that suits the public niche, was to have the projector inside my my instillation so on one will walk away with it. Other alternatives, that I have decided to have my projection be inside the Stair, also known as rear projection. Projection out from the stair may cause that may cause instances where people can assume or predict the incorporation of projection. I would like to keep the works that is working behind the scenes to stay hidden behind the scenes, to keep the instillation towards a simplicity without the distractions of unwanted hanging wires / devices.  Also solves the problem of people walking into the projection itself. Next I have to consider, how am I going to build it thus leading to my 3D model which helps me model for my Augmented Reality and how I can virtually see the niche in its place.




Week 9 – 11 : Project Poster

We have finally made “” the official domain.  It is up live! Feel free to browse to your heart’s content!

It has finally come! My most recent task is to put together a poster of faculty research poster. Thus far I have created a visual layer. And currently gathering information.  There are things to be consider if i were to make this faculty research folders. As the poster designer, i want ti to be aesthetically appeasing  as well as informative. I alway like to start with a system, the five W’s or 4 W’s and a H. and work off from that as a Guide: “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How”. For starters I will have:

  • Poster Title: “PennState Abington Faculty Research
  • Measurements of its niche
  • Build a basic poster design
  • consider my audience POV for gathering information.

WEEK 6 – 7: Changes

This week contains work in the areas of organizing, minor changes, as well as inputting/changing data.

  • Input data
  • Update TangenT – reorganize and redirecting to TangenT oop
  • Change Resume

Week 4: tumble-weed

Slow week! I have received images to incorporate to Yvonne’s “opp”. I gave her the flash drive to sort out the images. Thus far, i’m playing the waiting game. Next week is going to be a blast!

Clash of the Ages

“Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” by Marc Prensky

A clash between two eras. “Digital Natives” such as myself, were born into a world that focused on the uprising of the new digital age. As a result we are “natives” to this sort of genera. Lets say this is the “language” that we speak. On contrary, our age collided into an already existing and dying age. The older generation grew up differently, without the advance computing technology. They are more use to the manual, hard-work, technology the old fashion way.  Some adapt, some refuse to, some are incapable and has given up. This language barrier has become an issue due to the question, “who is going to teach those who are born of the digital age?” The older generations of course! The teaching method that were once taught to the older gens has become stale as the newer gens and has become a  non-understanding issue. I believe we the newer gens are visual people and we tend to process things quickly, as we are learning in a whole new way wit the integration of technology. I grew up with a calculator in my hand; to have it taken away from me, is a big handicap in my learning curve. I am sure older gens grew up with a paper and pencil and has done their work more towards logically, a step by step routine. “Show your work”?! Show my work? Once I was asked this question, I didn’t know how I got the answer; I just knew it was right.

Although the digital natives want to learn the old ways or just choose not too. I think that if both made the  effort to meet in the middle an understanding may come to a compromise. If we think about it, how we are given exams are still traditional coming from the fact that we are supposedly taught in a traditional way? Thus, if we were taught in a newer way the would the whole system may have to be modify also? (Long term)


Cyberpunk : A Story be told.

A Cyberpunk Manifesto”  By Christian As.Kirtchev, is like a speech to persuade and notify through a untapped and infinite system  filled with information. The way information is shared among one another is through the many faces that could be standing next to us anytime and anywhere. In society, having knowledge, being different is unaccepted by most; people who does not share the common interest and views. People are afraid to step out of the line, then they may be look down upon; where they do not fit in the crowd. Having that forbidding knowledge is what separates the those who “can do” and those who are “scared to do.”  To “do it yourself, fight the power, and share the

I believe that in this “society” this Cyberpunk Manifesto is happening right now. The vast knowledge in the internet lies dormant until is discovered by someone out there; then is spread like wild fire rumors. Stretched, changed and re-told; thus, making it into a myth story, but who knows stories do have some truth to it. Everybody has secrets, and some do make its way out to the world. The virtual dimension is a good disguise and everyone shares the same face.  Same face with a different sets of mind.